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Investment Opportunities

Everyone’s a winner

A charity? With investors? How does that work? Some people get confused when they see our website because they’ve never seen a charity open up to investors before, except perhaps in a scam.

We’re funded by private investors rather than HM Government and donation appeals, but this does not make us any less charitable, in fact, it makes us more charitable. It means we’re more independent and less taxing on society. What good is a charity if it’s funded by taxes – there’s a benefit at a cost – it ends up balanced out – maybe even does more harm than good.

Our charity is here to benefit society without taxing society. Everyone’s a winner.


Studio B presents an opportunity for people of considerable economic wealth, business acumen and/or political influence to invest on the basis of their gut instinct when they see something they like and want to be a part of it.

Investments help us to develop our projects at a pace more interesting for all our staff and for all the beneficiaries of our charitable projects.


Why sponsor a project by Studio B?

  • Ourstanding financial ROI
  • Complementary internet marketing support
  • Exclusive project-related privileges
  • Be part of the movement

Basic ROI is the bottom line, and our complementary services are a bonus. When combined with the opportunity to be involved in the general success of Studio B, we hope this will tickle your tastebuds and sustain your enthusiasm for longer & stronger than your average investment opportunity.


Studio B is unique. It’s not a concept that’s been rolled out in every city. We have a creative corporate strategy and a bunch of unique projects, any one of which could be an interesting investment opportunity for you.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to be wealthy and are interested in multiplying your success exponentially, consider working with us. To get started, please make use of our contact page.