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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in News Portals, Projects


Charityzine is Birmingham’s charity news portal online.

A magazine for the local third sector, helping Birmingham’s charities to hit the headlines online while helping volunteers to develop journalistic careers.

We’re always seeking volunteer columnists & contributors to write for us in order to maintaining a steady flow of stories for our readers.

Charityzine has always been one of Studio B’s main projects and it’s a useful platform for promoting all kinds of other projects too.

Charityzine is just a simple, nicey-nicey project, without a crunch. There’s no super-ambitious masterplan,┬ábut it’s trusted – it’s not here today and gone tomorrow like so many similar projects.

Website: charityzine.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/charityzineuk

Twitter: @CharityzineTeam

Youtube: youtube.com/charityzine